Top insurance companies 2022 | The good, the Bad, the Cheap

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What can define the best car insurance companies for you? THEY must have excellent Customer service and cheap rates at the same time. Even if drivers have the option of paying extra for premium customer service, why not have them both: affordable rates and excellent service.

After research, we found that seven companies stand out: NJM, Erie, and Auto-Owners for local picks and Amica, Farm Bureau, State Farm, and USAA for most states.

We emphasized the finest insurers widely available across the country based on these factors.

Best car insurance companies in 2022

Company:           Best quality

NJM                    Customer service

USAA                  Customer service

Erie                      Affordability

Amica                  Customer service

State Farm           Affordability

Farm Bureau        Customer service

Auto-Owners       Affordability


Our ranking is based on customer service and cost. 

The five-star scale echoes both the grade of an insurer’s service and its affordability, so the best insurers get you the best service worth your money.

We’ve also mentioned each company’s quality (service or affordability), its J.D. Power auto insurance satisfaction rating, and AM Best economic strength rating.

Our table also notes which is its outstanding quality.

Car insurance companies

open to all

We rated the top insurance companies, including Amica, Farm Bureau, USAA, and State Farm, for 2022. These companies offer excellent options regardless of your driving history, location and driving record, and outstanding customer service, with at least four stars out of a total of five — but they vary in their prices.

Find the best car insurance companies in your area.

A large auto insurer may not always be the best choice for your situation or area. Three great insurance companies with a limited reach were identified: NJM, Auto-Owners, and Erie.

NJM is only available in New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. However, our editors awarded five stars for their exceptional service and low rates.

Auto-owners is available in 26 U.S. states. It has received four and a quarter stars for combining affordable policies and a strong service reputation.

Erie is available in Appalachian Regions, the Northeast, and Midwest. They also have excellent support and rates.

Based on your driver profile, the best car insurance companies

Customer service: State Farm

Affordable rates: Erie

Young drivers: Root

Customers value many different qualities in an insurer.

These insurers offer great rates for many drivers, and you might find your rates even lower than ours, and these insurers might be too expensive for other drivers. You won’t determine which company offers the best value based on how the insurance industry operates until you receive quotes.

We’ve listed our recommendations for insurers for customers looking for specific types of service, including those who value customer service and those with high-risk driving records.

State Farm is the best car insurance company to provide customer service.

State Farm is rated as the best car insurance company for customer service and claim satisfaction.

J.D. scored the company above average. J.D. Power scored above-average for customer satisfaction, shopping experience, and claims satisfaction. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) complaint index, State Farm has received fewer customer complaints than its competitors. Our editors also awarded State Farm four-and-a-half stars out of five stars, covering customer satisfaction scores and value and coverage options.

AM Best also gave State Farm the A++ rating for financial stability, and this means that State Farm has an exceptional ability to pay claims even at difficult economic times.

State Farm offers excellent customer service at a fraction of the cost. Drivers don’t need to pay more with State Farm, and this is the most prominent large insurance company in our sample. The national average is $1,310 for a full-coverage policy, 41% lower than the national average.

Rates can vary depending on which driver you are, as with all insurance companies. State Farm offers vital customer service.

The best car insurance company that offers affordable coverage: Erie

Erie is the best option if you look for the lowest possible car insurance.

Erie has the lowest rates for multiple coverage levels, making it one of the most affordable insurance companies for drivers who want to save money.

The minimum coverage policies only meet the state’s insurance minimums, and the national average is 38% less expensive for policies that are adjusted to meet each state’s minimum requirements.

Erie also offers full coverage insurance at a very reasonable price. The company’s annual cost is $1,379, 43% less than the national average.

Erie Insurance is not available outside of 12 states and D.C.

The best car insurance company for young or good drivers: Root

Although drivers are often rewarded for having a good driving record, those with high-risk populations may find their insurance rates extremely high. Drivers in their 20s and 30s usually pay more for car insurance than other drivers, even though they are incredibly safe.

Root’s car insurance rate calculation is unique, and it relies almost exclusively on driving behavior.

Drivers with good driving habits, such as speed and braking, can save more money with Root than traditional insurance.

As the entire population faces high car insurance rates, young drivers are statistically more likely than other drivers to be in an accident. Root will prove that you are a safer driver than your peers.

Some potential problems and downsides can be associated with Root.

Poor customer service. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, it gets more complaints than its competitors.

Limitless coverage options: There are fewer add-ons like rideshare and gap insurance than other insurers.

So that your claims are paid, you want a financially sound insurer.

Insurance companies provide

financial protection for you when you are facing high-cost expenses. An insurer

that cannot cover your costs due to financial obligations is not something you

want or need.

A professional analyst’s

financial strength rating is the best way to quickly assess an insurer’s financial

stability. The AM Best financial strength rating is our recommendation.

AM Best, an independent credit rating agency, sets insurance companies’

ability to pay claims. They rate them using a traditional grading system, from

A++ to D. A A- or higher rating signifies a superior or excellent ability to

pay claims.

Some smaller local insurers might

not have the same financial strength. Look online to find out if AM Best has

rated the economic power of the insurer you are looking for. This will give you

confidence that your insurance coverage is sound.

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