8 Stunning Features that Make Tesla Python the Best Smart Phone Ever Made: A Comparison between Tesla PI and Samsung S22

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Multinational smartphone companies like Microsoft and Nokia have successfully previously reached respectable heights, but as time passed people looked up to something new and better. Finally, the era of Nokia ended in the market and was taken over by Samsung. Nonetheless, the scene might change soon.  Join us as we compare two of the most advanced smartphones of the century.

The talk of the hour is the launch of the Tesla model PI. This model is rumored to be one of the best smartphone models a witnessed up to date. However, there’s been no official press release about its specifications but the possibility cannot be neglected when Elon Musk himself is the brain behind it. The launching date of either product has not been officiated as of now but certain sources say that both of them are due to hit the markets in the upcoming year. Here are some of the distinguishing features that would make this Tesla Python stand out from the crowd. 



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